Floor Academy

floor academy

Floor Academy Podcast.

Created by Kyle Hedin

It was created because Kyle wanted to learn more about the flooring industry and running a flooring business, but he couldn't find the information himself. The flooring industry didn't have any podcasts but the was plenty from other trades and other business areas.

Audiobooks provide great insight into business management, financial success, etc. but there were no flooring-related audiobooks. Having worked in the film production industry for reality television, Kyle decided to start his own podcast to fill a niche.

Learn what makes each successful individual in the trade tick with the Floor Academy Podcast every week. The show gets advice on how you can become more successful and profitable with your business.


You'll also follow Kyle as he transforms his own job into a passive income-producing system that he can operate with little involvement. In the flooring industry, it can be difficult to get an education and start your own business at the same time. This is where Floor Academy helps you all the way - “Learn While You Earn”!

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