Different Types of Flooring That You Can Choose

Posted on 18.12.2021
Different Types of Flooring That You Can Choose image

The flooring at your residence is one of the largest surface areas. The best flooring type for your space is determined by your lifestyle, budget, and personal preferences. Each type has distinct advantages and deciding which flooring installation will be the best depends on the needs and location of each room.

different flooring types

Wood, engineered flooring materials, tile, vinyl, and carpet are all popular flooring choices. Learn more in this post, about a few of the most common types of flooring, the best qualities of each material, and also the best applications for each.

Hardwood flooring

solod hardwood flooring

Hardwood timber flooring is of high-maintenance, but popular option for flooring installation and design that comes in planks, strips, and parquet patterns. This flooring is quite long-lasting if properly cared for. While it is relatively expensive, it is still a popular option. 

Engineered timber flooring 

engineered timber flooring

Engineered wood flooring has the look of any real wood, but is less expensive than solid wood. A thin layer of hardwood is bonded over any high-quality plywood substrate after the flooring installation. It is as strong as solid as hardwood flooring and will last longer.

Bamboo flooring

Bamboo flooring

Natural bamboo produces very light wood floors, but processing treatment can offer these materials a darker finish and can make them look like other options of stained wood.

Laminate flooring

laminate floorings

Laminate flooring is becoming increasingly popular due to its extreme durability and sturdiness. Laminate flooring is relatively resistant to stains and any water damage and is simple to install. Damage, on the other hand, necessitates total replacement because it cannot be redone or repolished.

Vinyl flooring

vinyl planks flooring

Vinyl flooring will be extremely water-resistant and will not be damaged even if water is left on the surface for a much longer period of time. It is made of plastic and is available in plank, sheet, and tile form.

Stone flooring

stone flooring

Natural stone flooring options for both indoor as well as outdoor spaces include marble, granite, travertine, and sandstone. Stone, like ceramic and porcelain, is extremely long-lasting and waterproof.

Linoleum flooring 

linoleum flooring

Linoleum is an environmentally friendly flooring material made from raw materials such as cork, dust, linseed oil, and resin. A low-cost and highly adaptable floor type. The soft surface, on the other hand, is prone to scratches and dents from careless use.

Granite flooring

granite floorings

Granite flooring, a naturally occurring stone found in different colours on the market, can add a touch of sophistication to any kind of setting after the flooring installation.

Concrete flooring

concrete floor

Concrete is a certain man-made concoction of rocks, cement, granite chips, and a few other materials.

Red oxide flooring 

red flooring

This flooring is popular due to its elegant and timeless appearance and is a cost-effective flooring option. Red oxide floors are useful in tropical and warm climates because they are easy to maintain. However, this type of flooring is extremely difficult to install.

Choosing the right flooring for your home. 

Selecting the best flooring is not as simple as picking the one that looks the best or is on sale. Durability, moisture, ease of maintenance, and also your budget are all important considerations. Because a new floor is an investment, you should choose a floor that balances your needs and your style. 

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